Helping You Take AIM and Succeed in the Subscription Economy

You can get rid of all the quotes and spreadsheets you’ve been using to keep track of all your customers’ purchases – with ZAutomate, you have everything you need at your fingertips. The purpose-built zPortal automates product and subscription quotes, then tracks all purchases to simplify renewals and refreshes and uncover potential new opportunities to enhance your customers’ deployments to ensure they are always aligned with their security and business goals.

Accelerate Deployments

ZAutomate makes it easy to get the quotes you need for hardware, software and cloud-based subscriptions to ensure customers can deploy the solutions they need, fast. With ZAutomate, complex orders, such as multi-year ramp deals, are easily captured. Self-service capabilities ensure you and your team always have the latest version of the quote to eliminate any confusion or errors.

Increase Value

ZAutomate gives you complete visibility into all the details related to the lifecycle of your customers’ product and subscription purchases. zPortal’s data mining and reporting capabilities make it easy for you to quickly understand all the purchases your customers have made. You can identify buying patterns and uncover opportunities to create efficiencies and improve the effectiveness of your processes. You can identify ways to help them plan when solutions are up for renewal or being end-of-life’d (EOL) to get ahead of any issues and ensure there are no disruptions, so they continue to extract maximum value from their investments.

Maximize Success

ZAutomate helps you uncover opportunities to evolve your customers’ infrastructure to continue to address their changing security and business needs. You can identify complementary and additive solutions or capabilities that can enhance the effectiveness of their environment and keep them current. The portal offers recommendations, based on the customer’s current environment – looking at the products deployed and subscriptions used to identify technologies that can help them strengthen their security stance and improve their operational efficiencies.

The ZAutomate Difference

Reduce Operational Costs and Complexity
Automate and simplify the quoting, renewal and refresh processes to free up your time.

Promote Customer Satisfaction and Success
Ensure customers have what they need, when they need it to improve their overall satisfaction.

Enhance Security and Operational Efficiencies
Gain the insights you need to help customers get ahead of issues and add value to their deployments.